5 Things to Clean Before the New Year


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I know there is too much shoulder breaking change hidden in here!

This is the easy one. Maybe you even got a new one for Christmas? Even if not, it’s time to dump out your purse and start over. Who needs last year’s receipts and dirty mints going fresh into the new year?  Why keep killing your shoulder with that 50 pounds of loose change at the bottom? Dump it out…clean it up! Maybe go buy a new purse during after Christmas sales?


This one takes more time but will feel soooo good. I’m not talking about a quick car wash after filling the tank. Do a deep clean on the INSIDE. Track down all those spilled fries. Scrub that weird looking spill in the back floor board. Wipe away all the coffee drips on the console.Bonus if you can convince your significant other to do it for you!


You may not be able to completely clean off your desk but this is a good time of year to face the reality of ‘not really going to do it paperwork’. Go through your in-basket and see what you keep throwing back in it every time you pull it out. Grab that filing stack and actually file it! Wrangle all the loose pens and paper clips and put them where they go. Maybe it’s time to change out the photos (your teenager isn’t the cute toddler in the tub anymore) or put your favorite inspirational quote in a frame. Getting your desk uncluttered and adding a new element will help you go into the new year with a fresher attitude.


You may not have an actual desktop but you will definitely have an mail inbox…or two..or three (I currently have 6!). This is the best time of year to play inbox limbo…how low can you go? The goal is zero! Bonus points for everything that you can unsubscribe to in the process.


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My carton of non-milk-milk that I don’t remember when I opened plus some other stuff!

Nothing from Christmas Day will be any good on January 1st. Toss it! While you are at it, check all the half empty mini jelly jars from last year’s holiday baskets. Toss it!

Wilted vegetables from December good intentions? Toss it! That carton of non-milk-milk that stays good for 7-10 days but you aren’t sure if you even opened it this month. Toss it! OK…maybe your fridge isn’t as bad as mine but give it a good once over, wipe down the shelves and make room for all those healthy eating resolutions for the new year.

Photos: Yes, these are all my ‘before’ photos, not stock, even the desk/bookshelf. I don’t need to pay anyone for photos of messes!

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