Introducing Flex 3 Group

Hello My Name Is…

With a name like Flex 3, we are sure to peak curiosity from our clients on what is the meaning it holds. The number 3 comes from 3 generations of entrepreneurial minds and the Flex is for the flexibility moms have to have while running their businesses. Whether you’ve signed up to represent your favorite MLM company or make the latest greatest craft or have found a way to use those rusty skills you learned while earning your degree…we are here to support you!

What makes us different?

There are plenty of business sites on the web dedicated to entrepreneurs. There are even plenty of sites dedicated to female entrepreneurs. However, each of us has found that the common thread of most of them was their definition of success…money. Don’t get me wrong, we like money. We like to make it, we like to save it, we like to spend it. But as I mentioned before, we have families that we are primary caregivers to, so core priorities don’t always align with some of these resources we have used in the past. 

Although each of the creators of Flex 3 have worked a variety of jobs, owned a variety of businesses, and worked a range of part-time to full-time…our primary role in our homes has been caretaker of our kid(s) and families. For my mom, it didn’t even stop when my baby brother was out of the house and grown, she has grandkids she’s been very involved with from early on.

Our view of success isn’t solely tied to our income. For us, success is earning whatever our financial goal is WHILE still being able to take care of our families. We don’t want moms to feel like a failure if their only financial goal is to support their specialty coffee shop habit. We are here for moms in all stages of entrepreneurship!

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