Why do you want to start a business?

Got a great idea? Love your kids but need to focus on something more complicated than the next singalong? Making something really cool that people are begging you to take their money for?

Before you embark on any journey there must be a why. If you need to lose weight…why? Get healthier, get off meds, bikini season coming up?

Starting a new business is no different. In fact, identifying the why is crucial to your success. Why? It DEFINES your success. Maybe…

…you’ve fallen in love with the latest network marketing party products. You want everything you can but know it’s not in your budget. If you sign up, you can get a hefty discount and maybe get some product paid for by friends and family that order.

…your family is on track and saving but you’d like some treats in your life. Brushing off some of those pre-baby skills could let you get your designer coffee and your nails done each week.

…everything is tight. You are starting to consider heading out into the workforce but would soooo rather do something from home. 

…money is ok but you have this burning desire to help. You’ve read all the stuff, you’ve cooked all the recipes and you just KNOW you can do it as well if not BETTER. You just want to share your story.

My quiet space is my back patio.

Most likely it’s a combination of the above or maybe something even different. 

Your why is as unique as you are. So why the why? It is the foundation of how you plan your business. It is how you set your goals and your boundaries. It gives you the foundation for growth or the exit plan for stopping. The why is almost as important as the what of your business.

So how do you define your why? Grab your favorite hot (or cold) drink, a notebook and find a quiet spot for a little while.

Click here for our worksheet on how to find your why.

As you go through the questions and exercises remember these 3 things:

  1. Be Honest – Make sure this is YOUR why. Not your spouse’s, your team leader’s, your upline’s, your sister’s…YOURS.
  2. Be Selfish – We all want to ‘make the world a better place’ but you can go pick up litter for an hour and accomplish that. What are you going to get out of your business? If it’s money, what will YOU do with the money? Why do YOU want it?
  3. Be Clear – “I want extra money for our family budget” is noble but it won’t be very motivating. How much money? Why do you want it? How will it help your family specifically?
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